Who I am

I am a woman with an addiction to American TV shows and a love of all things online.

I work as a survey programmer for a market research company but it is getting pretty boring as there isn't much variation between projects.

I am studying for my BSc (Hons) in Computing & IT with the Open University.

I have experience programming in Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, Javascript and JScript

What I want to do

I want to move my career into the Web/Software development industry.

I really enjoy programming and want to work on more creative projects.

I want to learn new programming languages and best practices.

Where I want to be

I want to be in an enviroment where I am constantly learning and being challenged.

I want to work in a skilled team so I can learn from the best.

It would also be pretty cool to work in some swanky offices but that would just be an added bonus!


I created this blog on the Wordpress website and had to install a theme and added widgets to it. I am hoping to at some point in the future recreate my blog without using the wordpress website so I can add my own custom functionality to it.

This webpage was created as part of the Free Code Camp curriculum where I was asked to create a web page and it had to meet the user requirements that it is a tribute page using images and text and that it should link to an external website. Although it is quite a basic page, I spent some time playing with the band name fonts to get them as close to their band logo as possible

I originally created a similar page following the Dash learning program using CSS3 and jQuery however when completed, I decided to change some of the original features to add some of my own personality into it. I did this by adding a beating heart, changing the robot from a man to a woman and making it look more human, changing the background colours so when the button is pressed they constantly change until it is pressed again and making the robot move side to side.

This quote generator was created while following the Free Code Camp syllabus and I had to meet the user requirements of generating a quote and being able to tweet the quote. I had to use JSON and AJAX to be able to generate a random quote using the Quotes on Design API.

This webpage runs all the basic algorithms I created while working through the Free Code Camp challenges. If you wish to see the code used, all the functions are on my github profile.

I created this webpage as a technical test for a company I was interviewing with. I was given a specification and a design and I had to meet the criteria as closely as possible. I have removed any logos or images that relate to the company to generic images.